Trenbolone Muscling In On The Perfect Body

Anabolic steroids play a big part in the lives of many Bodybuilders and some professional athletes too. This is hardly surprising taking into account the sheer size and density to which they enable muscles to develop. Arguably the best steroid of this type is Trenbolone Acetate. This incredibly powerful and versatile drug can provide benefits beyond those any other steroid is capable of. When you consider it is actually used on livestock to increase both growth and appetite, then it is no great shock to see the results it has on the human body.

Trenbolone has an active life of more or less 48 hours, meaning that it needs to be taken very frequently in order to maintain stable blood levels. This steroid greatly enhances protein synthesis, which is the rate by which the body’s cells are able to build up proteins, which are essential for extreme muscle building. Trenbolone also promotes the retention of nitrogen in the system, thus preserving tissue. If levels of nitrogen slip significantly it can lead to muscle wastage. Additionally, muscle endurance is increased with Trenbolone through its capacity to greatly increase the red blood cell count.

It is difficult to suggest a typical cycle in the Trenbolone usage as each individual is different in their needs and tolerance, plus much may depend on where a person is actually starting from in terms of bulk and strength. There will always be an element of risk attached to any regime of anabolic steroid usage, but a slow gradual approach should always be the aim, rather than the bull at a gate outlook, which very often can result in some rather extreme and totally unforeseen side effects. However, it should be stressed that these side effects do not materialize all the time and when they do they can vary in nature and seriousness.

In the main they are containable, or reversible and many times have just as much to do with genetics as they do with Trenbolone. Things such as hair loss for example; if it is a family trait to have early hair loss, then it may accelerate the process, but if it is not in the genes then it is not likely to make any difference taking Trenbolone. What Trenbolone will definitely do is suppress natural testosterone. This is the case with all anabolic steroids, but with Trenbolone it will almost certainly be more significant. Negative side effects will inevitably be more likely with increased usage, but benefits will also increase by taking more, so it once again comes down to individuals taking responsibility and making their own choices.

Other typical effects of Trenbolone include: acne, high blood pressure, insomnia, night sweats, anxiety, excessive perspiration, rapid heartbeat, lowering in libido, erectile dysfunction and liver or kidney damage. Obviously some of the above will have a far greater impact on quality of lifestyle and more importantly life expectancy, than others. Choosing to put up with a poor complexion and increased sweating is probably something determined bodybuilders are prepared to put up with in their pursuit of a fabulous muscular body.

A little anxiety and a few night sweat are also likely to be tolerated, and depending upon relationship status, then libido may not be a concern; but any of the others are almost certainly going to start alarm bells ringing. These can however be controlled by a combination of stacking Trenbolone with other compounds and careful monitoring. In particular, with regards to the kidney and or liver damage, the consumption of lots of water, probably as much as a gallon a day, will go a good way to alleviating this potential harmful side effect.

Researching Trenbolone is advisable before use, but unfortunately there are differing levels of advise out there, so it can be misleading. Part of the reason for this is people who use, or have used Trenbolone, will have formed their own opinions based on their own reactions to taking it. Consequently, each will differ, given that the impression left by Trenbolone will almost certainly vary from individual to individual.

There is also something referred to as ‘tren cough’. This cough occurs in many Trenbolone users following injection. It is reported that there is usually a tightening of the chest and a metallic taste in the back of the mouth, leading to an uncontrollable coughing fit. Theories are many and varied for this but it seems that it is likely to be associated with the Trenbolone entering the blood stream and reaching the lungs to trigger such a reaction.

Possibly the most reassuring information that can be said about Trenbolone is that there are very few physicians who have actually stated that usage should without exception, be avoided. Indeed, those that have gone to press are often more interested in promoting an alternative to Trenbolone, casting doubts on their negativity.  Every person who chooses to use Trenbolone will have their own reason and it is therefore entirely up to that individual to risk assess and proceed accordingly.