Intro To Winstrol And Bulking Up On The Steroid

Also called stanozolol, winstrol is an anabolic synthetic steroid that behaves much like testosterone – a male sex hormone occuring naturally within human bodies and related to muscle strength and mass, besides several other traits. These steroids could be used to treat anemia, and some variants of hereditary angioedema and breast cancer. Using these steroids to build muscle has become quite popular among professional athletes and bodybuilders. These steroids aren’t meant to be used by everyone since their usage could lead to major side effects. Winstrol usage could come in beneficial if you have a medical or cosmetic purpose behind using the steroid, or if you are keen on bulking up your body.


Winstrol is an anabolic 17 alpha methylated steroid. In other words, the steroid can be modified for oral consumption. And like other similar steroids, it can have harsh effects on the liver – in fact, much more compared to other types of anabolic steroids. The DHT molecule is modified, which means – like other cutting steroids – winstrol cannot be aromatized to estrogen. Similar to DHT, it would bind to deactivate and aromatase, drying any cycle it gets added to. It would attach to fat and directly burn fat. Also, it can increase strength and aggression by binding with the nervous system. The steroid could induce hair loss in individuals genetically predisposed to the condition. Similar to any anabolic steroid, winstrol eliminates natural testosterone. This means you’d require a prohormone that changes into testosterone, or DAA for maintaining normal sexual function and emotional state.

Special Features

Only 15 mg of winstrol can be extremely helpful with a bulking stack. Generally, winstrol isn’t renowned for its muscle-building traits, but is known for boosting more strength compared to any other cutter. The steroid also induces maximum joint pain. Probably, this is courtesy the decreased water and increased strength in the body – the perfect combination for tendon and joint pain. Only 6 mg of winstrol every day could raise LDL cholesterol by 29 percent and increase HDL cholesterol by 33 percent. Another unique trait is its ability to increase heart size at low dosages, which is much higher compared to other types of steroids. And as aforementioned, it can cause serious damage to the liver.

Bulking Up

• Begin with a strength-training routine. This could entail personal trainer-guided structure routines and/or home workouts. For bulking up, the drug alone is not sufficient enough – strength training is also required for building muscle effectively. The results would be better if you perform the exercises before administering the drug.

• Cardiovascular workouts and strength training must be alternated. This increases your fat-burning capacity and endurance. For instance, do strength training on every three alternate days in a week and cardiovascular training on the remaining three days. Let Sunday be the rest day.

• Contact a doctor or nutritionist and devise a menu plan, which comprises fruits and healthy fats, lean protein, whole grains and vegetables. Being an anabolic steroid, winstrol requires a diet rich in healthy calories and protein.

• Let your doctor know your objective to increase muscle and request a winstrol prescription. Some online stores sell winstrol sans a prescription. These items aren’t as effective as prescribed winstrol. In fact, they could even be replicas. Therefore, to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck, have it prescribed by a medical doctor.

• Follow the drug usage instructions. Read the label meticulously before leaving the store. If you are not sure about the drug’s dosage or side effects, seek insights from the pharmacist.


Generally, professional bodybuilders stick to 50 mg per day as that’s optimal for burning fat, minimizing joint pain and increasing strength. For women, 5 mg per day is recommended at times, but that’s still a higher dose for the majority of women.

Dosing should be strictly under the physician’s supervision. The first dosage must be 2-4 mg, thrice or four times every day. Don’t make up for a missed dose with double dosages – let the dose stay skipped and take the next dose at the right time.

Warning Signs

If you are on any other medicine, let the doctor be aware. The drugs that could interfere with anabolic steroids’ normal functioning include Anisindione, Acenocoumarol, Dicumarol, Bupropion, Warfarin, Phenprocoumon and Phenindione.

Some medical ailments you have could make administering this drug difficult. Also, let your physician know if you have or had diabetes, breast cancer, enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, kidney disease, heart disease or liver disease; or if there’s excessive calcium within your blood.

Look for possible side effects. The negative effects could include sore throat, jaundice, red body spots, bone pain, swelling of extremities or nausea. Go through the prescription drug pamphlet and study the complete list of side effects and problematic conditions.